Play without Fear

2183219-45621730-2560-1440Watching the World Cup and listening to the accompanying punditry there are constant discussions about how the England players need to combine physical prowess with a balanced mental state: “play without fear”.

You can take that simple phrase and make it your mission statement to help you improve your swimming stroke.

Your ability in the water depends upon your physical balance and your mental balance. If you can remain still when you need to (static balance) or create and manage patterns of movement that subsequently return you to stillness (dynamic balance) then you are in control of your physical balance. If you can remain in a healthy psychological state, with good judgement, while moving or remaining still in the water, then you are in control of your mental balance.

To improve your relationship with the water, you need to spend time adjusting your physical balance using your head, arms, trunk and legs. At the same time you need to adjust your mental balance away from feelings of panic and anxiety (however slight) towards feelings of calmness and serenity.

Enjoy moving in the water in ways that you haven’t before and find ways of making your new movements comfortable to you.”Play without fear”, with curiosity and a sense of fun.