IMG_20180503_122630603[9348]For the past few months I have been posting a daily “swimspiration” quote on the homepage of the Swim With Ease website. I have borrowed quotes from swimming teachers, novelists, poets, philosophers and even politicians. During the process of searching, I noticed the words “grace” and “graceful” used in several of the quotes:

“To plunge into water, to move one’s whole body, from head to toe, in its wild and graceful beauty; to twist about in its pure depths, this is for me a delight only comparable to love.” ~Paul Valery

“The real you, the one that you know is you, knows that the struggle is just an old habit. The real you is the graceful, patient artist.” ~Melon Dash

“But there’s a kind of offering in the generosity of water holding you afloat. In the way water holds feeling, how the body is most alive submerged and enveloped, there is the fullness of grace given freely.” ~ Jessica J. Lee

It struck me that grace in the water is what everyone who dips their toe in ultimately desires: smoothness and elegance of movement.

As Friedrich Schiller succinctly explains:

“Grace is the beauty of form under the influence of freedom.”

Be free in the water and grace will follow.