Why Swim With Your Face In?

66bd05fc7b2f52f4e342b2367e7c1162--smiley-faces-smileysFour reasons to swim with your face in the water:

1. Avoid straining your neck and back

When you swim with your face permanently out of the water, you are pulling your head back, shortening your spine and causing tension in your neck and back.

2. Better body position

Keeping your face out of the water with your head pulled back causes your legs to sink. Putting your face in the water and letting your head drop to its natural resting position helps you to find a more comfortable way to float.

3. Overcoming fear

Fear and anxiety are the biggest barriers to learning to swim. In order to address any fear of water it is essential to  learn how to calmly breathe out while putting your face into the water in a controlled, relaxed way.

4. Enjoyment

Putting your face into the water allows you to relax and enter a different world. You float more easily and you breathe out more calmly. You feel peaceful and comfortable.