Sink and Swim

Swimming lessons ‘Sink or swim’ is a phrase that is so embedded in the language of our day to day lives that we accept it as a dichotomy. You are either in a good place, at the top or in contrast a bad place, at the bottom.┬áThe dictionary definition of ‘sink’ is to…’ go down below the surface of something, especially of a liquid; become submerged’ or ‘descend from a higher to a lower position; drop downwards’. When you are swimming or playing in the water it is necessary to let your body drop down a little and find its place. Sinking can be a good thing. Fighting against the sinking feeling causes tension in your body that can negatively effect your buoyancy and movements. So, let yourself go. Submerge and find the place in the water where you feel relaxed, comfortable and able to move freely. Sink and swim.