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D.I.Y Swimming (The screwdriver analogy)

Helping you to swim a better crawl in the comfort of your own shed.

Items you will need: a piece of wood, a screw, a screwdriver. (As this is really about swimming and not an actual D.I.Y tutorial, let’s assume you have a little guide hole for your screw and it’s sitting up in the wood, nice and straight, ready to be turned.)

1. Insert the screwdriver tip into the head of the screw and apply just enough pessure to keep the screwdriver in place. (I’m talking about not kicking too hard here, just a gentle kick to help you find a comfortable balanced body position in the water.)

2. Rotate the screwdriver and as you do so the head of the screw turns. The thread (the spirally bit) of the screw converts the rotational force into an up and down force, and the screw enters the wood and pushes down into it. (Back to the pool…your body gently, powerfully rotates as your shoulders and hips roll. Your loose extended arm acts like the thread of the screw, as it bends at the elbow and sweeps past your body, converting the rotational force into  forward movement.

3. Once you have rotated the screwdriver 180 degrees, loosen your grip and allow your hand to return to the position you started in ready to turn again. (In the pool… ensure that your shoulder stays relaxed and loose as you recover your arm over the water)

Now do it yourself. Three simple steps to improve your front crawl.