Monthly Archives: April 2014

Success at your Fingertips

When swimming front crawl it is important to keep the movement of your arm loose, light and unlaboured. When your arm comes out of the water during the recovery, think of your fingertips lightly directing the arm, rather than your shoulder heavily throwing the arm over.

Shedding our Constrictions

I’ve been teaching in a wetsuit recently, as three hours in water
without a lot of movement can leave you feeling slightly numbed. The
week before last I went to Victoria’s pool to take some photos for the
new website and got in the water with just my trunks on. Shedding the
wet suit stopped me feeling constricted and the feeling of the water on
my skin made me feel free. I know I physically removed a piece of
clothing, but the imagery is good. When you enter the water after a
day’s work, or a day of whatever life throws at you, it’s worth having
that image in your head of shedding a constriction. Maybe imagine
bindings that dissolve as you get into the water.