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Thinking about swimming.


Expanding on last week’s idea of writing down your feelings about being in the water…thinking about swimming is more important than swimming without thought. Keep a journal. Just a little notebook that you can jot a couple of lines a week into.

Writing about swimming.

The pool in this Hockney picture is idyllic. If you are a keen swimmer, it is hard for you to imagine that there are people who would avoid getting in it, at any cost. If I was asked to think of three words to descibe my feelings if I was the person swimming in the pool I would say: “Cool, relaxed and calm.” I’d love to know how other people would desc

Play in the Water

People sometimes come for lessons with the purpose of learning to swim, so that they can play in the water with their children. What we encourage is that they play in the water in order that they can learn to swim. As we move further away from childhood we forget how to play and we do not see play as a valid process for learning. For adults, playing in the water is an essential way to catch up on lost childhood experiences with the added bonus of accelerating learning.
What is play? It should be…
  • Pointless: it has no end
  • Absorbing: it uses all your attention
  • Creative: it engages your curiosity
  • Voluntary: you can stop any time