Monthly Archives: October 2011

Being observed.

I spent last week on holiday in the Lake District and had the opportunity to swim every day in the pool where I was staying.  As well as playing with the kids, I was able to do some work on my butterfly with Vic observing and advising me.  It is invaluable to have someone to watch you and feedback, but also makes you realise the pressure that your clients feel to get it right when being scrutinised.
I have talked to several people recently about using You Tube to watch useful swimming clips. A great place to start looking is the new Swimming Without Stress Facebook page filled with links and advice.

Guidance, practice and patience.

My son Oscar (aged 7) has just started to learn the piano.  He is practicing every day ( except weekends!). At the moment he is looking at where the fingers of his left and right hand should go on the keys to play middle C,B,D and E. This new knowledge has enabled him to play a couple of little tunes. I can remember hearing those tunes three years ago when his brother Arthur (aged 10) played them when he started to learn.
This summer Arthur took his grade one piano exam and passed with flying colours, the pieces he had to play sounded amazing to me. I love music but my guitar playing hasn’t progressed in the last twenty five years from the basic strumming  I used to do in the eighties.
With the help of a good teacher, regular practice and patience, I know my boys have the potential to become competent musicians. For myself picking up the guitar every now and then, playing the same chords that I have badly taught myself in the first place, I’m never going to progress.
“What’s that got to do with swimming?” I hear you say.