Monthly Archives: September 2011

Leg bands.

Our local pool is too deep for our non swimming 3 year old to stand up, so he usually wears arm bands so that he can float around messing about without us having to hold him all the time. A couple of weeks ago there were some adults at the pool, trying to learn to swim using various buoyancy aids. If you are trying to learn a stroke, buoyancy aids generally hinder rather than help. Arm bands particularly give a very unnatural buoyancy to the arms and upper body and really restrict movement.

As I’ve written before I suffer from ‘sinky’ legs which means that I naturally float vertically rather than horizontally. When swimming,this is not a problem as the leg movements for any stroke include elements that have a lifting effect, raising the legs towards the surface of the water. As with any movement in the water, the legs need to be loose and free for the uplift to work.
At the weekend I tried out some neoprene leg bands which you can wrap around your upper legs and velcro in place to give your legs a little bit of extra buoyancy. I feel that they may help some learners to  learn to free their hips a little, as long as they are used for experimentation rather than being relied upon.
If you are looking for any swimming related equipment by far and away the best website to use is Swimming Without Stress they have an incredible range of tried and tested products and the customer service is second to none.

Big Splash

We had a great family swim at the weekend at Bromsgrove’s Dolphin Centre. The ‘baby’ pool there gave Alb (3) the opportunity to play in the shallow water without armbands and the deep end of the ‘big’ pool is over 3 m so great for teaching the big boys to dive…really good fun.
There is a great offer on at the moment if you have a family and want to swim at your local baths. As part of of the promotion for the Olympics, many public baths are issuing  £5 family swim vouchers. If you google “Big Splash” and follow the links it’s pretty straight forward.
On the subject of websites, I’ve just discovered a great site for all your swimming needs: They have a great range of goggles, swimwear etc and their online shop is very easy to use. I particularly liked the fact that I didn’t have to sign up to anything as they have an express checkout system.