Monthly Archives: June 2011

“Sinky” Legs

For all of you out there suffering from “sinky”  legs when you glide…

Keep your legs straight and the soles of your feet facing the ceiling. At the same time keep your ankles, 
knees and hips free of tension.
Stop worrying about having “sinky” legs. Anxiety causes tension. Tension in your joints will make you sink
Think about the whole of your body. The position of your head will greatly affect the position of your legs. 
Look down at the bottom of the pool. Let the water support your head rather than you holding it in place with 
a stiff neck.

Emerging stroke

Managed to have a couple of swims this week. One with the family yesterday and one on my own this morning. I have been working on my butterfly and have come up with some clumsy imagery. I have spent a while now working solely on undulating my body in the water. I have been leading the movement with my head arms out in front, pushing down with my chest, hinging at the hips and then pushing down with my legs. A bit like an unconvincing break-dancing dad doing the “worm”. (Click here to see a convincing “worm”).

Let’s, for the sake of my clumsy imagery call this movement “the caterpillar”. Caterpillars do move with a wave like motion and it is worth noting that they do so very slowly. It is also worth noting that they do not throw themselves off leaves and expect to fly. I know that if I continue with this allegory it is going to end up with me wrapped up in some sort of symbolic cocoon, but I am tying to make an important point.
It is important, as a learner, to appreciate your emerging stroke and not place all your focus on the “end product”.
I suppose it’s like learning to walk before you can run.