Monthly Archives: December 2010


    I have an image in my head,from childhood,of a clown at the circus trying to ride a ridiculously small bike. Imagine being this clown trying to ride up a steep hill,frowning in the rain.
    For many learners this is what swimming feels like at first. An uphill struggle with the wrong equipment.

    I have another image of a boy with a big smile on his face,free-wheeling down a hill in the English countryside on a summer’s day.
    Wouldn’t it be good to feel more like this when you are swimming.

    When you ride a bike for pleasure,you don’t peddle constantly,you enjoy coasting a lot of the time. The same is true with swimming. The equivalent of free-wheeling in the water is gliding. You can enjoy gliding on your  front,back or side depending on the stroke you are attempting. Keep your face in the water,stay relaxed, breathe out slowly through your mouth and smile.