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Wooly hat weather this morning as I “strode” to the pool in the dark. I was thinking about my last blog entry and the need for swimmers to stop rushing about. Whenever anyone comes for swimming lessons with us, we encourage them to start any session in the water with a few glides. The purpose of these glides is to aid the transition form land based breathing to aquatic breathing and from being vertical and unsupported to being horizontal and supported (by the water). In a glide you can concentrate on the important things (breathing, head position, letting go of tension in the rest of your body) without having to worry about trying to get from A to B.

Have a look at this video on youtube from Swimming Without Stress: 

Slow Down

My intention with this blog is to provide advice about swimming technique and attitudes to swimming without being too dry (if you’ll forgive the pun). I’m going to be looking at my experiences in the pool,both teaching and swimming, and relating them to my life out of the water.

I am in the lucky position of being able to go for an “Early Bird” swim on a Monday morning without having to rush off to work straight afterwards. This is not the case for some of my fellow swimmers. It’s often possible to tell how someone is going to swim from the way they get changed or their changing room banter,or lack of it. 
Have you had a good swim if you: Rush into the pool. Hammer up and down.Overtake. DO NOT STOP? I don’t think so. Modern life takes place at such a pace. Swimming affords us a chance to slow down.
When teaching swimming  it is one of the core ideas that we have to remind people of. Slow down.
Slow down your movements. Slow down your breathing. Slow down your thoughts.